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Wallpaper Company Beautiful Blooms


The Beautiful Blooms brings enchantment and wonder to your child’s bedroom as their imaginations are whisked away to dancing fairies and castles in the clouds .

Tucked amongst the clouds,
Where fairies dance and play,
And raspberry coloured petals,
Float down on summers day.

  • Material: Matte fabric wall stickers with a peel and stick, removable adhesive
  • Contents: Regular Pack: 5x large two-flower (pink and soft yellow) 26cm x 23cm, 5x medium 3 flower (mauve and pastel pinks) 17cm x 20cm, 5x medium 3 flower (pastel pinks) 18cm x 22cm, 5x medium 3 flower (peach, soft yellow and pink) 20cm x 20cm, 5x small 2 flower (peach and pink) 10cm x 12cm, 5x small 2 flower (pink and mauve) 12cm x 11cm, 2x small 1 flower (peach) 11cm x 8cm  
  • Colours: Available in one colour way only
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ABOUT: removable, movable over & over, sticks to almost any surface, instant WOW for decorating your home, beautiful fabric-like finish, PVC-free, Australian made and carbon neutral