Health and Wellness: Scrap New Year's Resolutions and Live Your Life!
Its the time of year again (and no not Xmas), we start to reflect on the current year and realise once again we didn’t keep any of our resolutions. But we convince ourselves that come January 1st we will set new ones and stick to them (we know this won’t happen). 
My resolutions for 2016 had been to swim every week and read more books! The swimming phase lasted 6 weeks and I read 3 books on my new kindle (obviously I had to purchase a kindle as I was going to be a die hard book geek!)
So instead of convincing yourself that 2017 is going to be year you become super fit, decide that you will eat 5 a day, or try to be the perfect parent, we give our tips on realistic resolutions that will benefit your everyday life.

Resolution 1: Its OK to say NO

We meet a lot of ‘super mums’ who can do everything and have the ‘i can do it’ attitude! (Think of Bree Vanderkamp from Desperate Housewives). Instead of trying to compete and drown yourself in task and chores, we recommend the ‘I can’t’ attitude. Its OK to say No and not feel guilty about it. You are allowed to decline the invitation to organise school events or attend every PTA event. Just remember that happy parents live life at their own pace!

Resolution 2: Wake up 30 minutes early

If like us you love sleep then you understand how painful the idea is of getting up 30 minutes before you need to. However these 30 minutes will allow you to meet your own needs before you have to cater for the whole family and then work colleagues. Instead of rushing around every morning, why not wake up earlier and enjoy your coffee in peace or take a shower. Yes you might lose those 30 minutes of sleep but being more organised in the morning helps your day become a lot easier.

Resolution 3: Have a schedule and become a planner!

The older you get, bigger your family grows and the busier your life gets. If you find you double book all the time or never have time to call your mum or always forget to RSVP to children’s parties then it is time to invest in a calendar/planner. Just like when you are at work you have to schedule in meetings and deadlines, the same approach needs to be incorporated in your day to day life. For example, if you find your favourite TV show airs on Monday then make sure you schedule gym time on Tuesday or if your child has ballet on Wednesday then schedule the play date for Friday. A calendar will allow you to evaluate if you can commit to an event and  saves the headache of rearranging plans that have been double booked.

Resolution 4: Schedule in time with your Spouse and Friends.




Lets not forget that before kids came along, a lot of our time was devoted to spending time with your partner and Friends. Its important to not let these relationships slide. It is easy to lose yourself in day to day activities with your children and forget about the life your children. Whether its date night with your partner or night out with your friends, or even a stress free evening dinner, make sure you schedule regular dates in your calendar.


Resolution 5: Don’t be so hard on yourself

Being a parent is hard and its even harder when you compare yourself to all super parents who look as if they have it all figured out. There is no manual or training to become a parent and there is no test or exam that determines if you are a good parent. So let all of it go and stop being hard on yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back and remember you are doing the best you can!

Happy New Year!!

Love Aak and Sharon 
January 07, 2017 by Aakrati Gautam

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