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Back in 2016 when we were looking to launch our website, we knew we wanted to add some beautiful artwork to showcase in beautiful nurseries. After weeks of research we came across the ever so magical Mrs Mighetto collection!


We loved everything about this Swedish brand, the stunning collection, the colours and most importantly the stories behind each painting.


6 months later and we have been lucky to add two of the most amazing collections we have seen. The enchanting ‘Circus Mighetto’ collection will always be our favourite as it was the first we ever launched. Our first order of the ‘The End of Forrest’ collection with its beautiful and enchanting colours sold out within 24 hours of when we launched on our website.




Mrs Mighetto has played such a huge part in our story we decided to share some history and background the two beautiful sisters Malin and Anna.  They have taken the time out of their busy schedule to answer a few questions for us...



When did you launch your first collection?

‘’The first collection (launched Oct 2014) with print 50x70 and 30x40 named ‘Superheroes’ were sold out in less than two weeks.  We are carefully selective and prioritize quality before quantity. Our poster collections are limited editions and when they are sold out we do no re-print’’



How far back does your does your interest in painting/art go?

‘’Malin started to paint early. Really really early, like when she started to walk and talk she were already drawing.  She have always wanted to work as an illustrator (and always did) and have a lot of art educations. I (Anna)am more into graphic design and I have worked for many design companies within marketing and PR team’’



Where do get your inspiration for your collections how do you decide on the theme/stories?

’We get influences from all over, travels, books, films, magazines. We discuss themes and talk a lot on how to sum up the collection around a story. We build them around the story and the tricky part is to decide on the key characters so we don’t end up having large collections with too many paini’’



How did you decide on painting for nursery/children's room? is it from personal life or your interest in that niche?

‘’First of all, we think the kids room is the most fun of all rooms. It can be magical and there are no rules. We have always loved children stories, as in books and in films so creating something in this area or not were never a question. ‘’



What has been your favourite collection to date?

‘’We love all our "children" .... but I would say that Circus Collection has been on the table since day one. So when it finally came out we were so happy, and we still love all the characters a lot. I think that collection had a very wide spread and appealed to both babies and older children.’’





You can shop the collection by following the link below..and keep an eye out, I’m sure at the end of the year we will be adding another amazing collection from these two wonderful sisters.

April 02, 2017 by Aakrati Gautam

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