Home & Me: Welcomes Done By Deer!


We are SUPER excited to welcome the beautiful brand Done by Deer.


‘’ Done by Deer is for families who believe life with kids and life with great design is a perfect match’’


We have been in talks with Done by Deer since November 2016 and after months of waiting we can finally share this stunning brand with you!

All the products have been designed by Helene Hjorth who specialises in designing and developing toys/interiors for children. Her philosophy is something close to our heart where she combines innovative design, safety, and a daring use of contemporary colours.


Favourite Products

Play Gym

The award winning activity gym that not only looks perfect in a home but is a free standing and adjusting activity gym  that can be placed anywhere in the home e.g. on the floor, sofa and bed.  What makes this product so perfect is the 3 beautiful toys attached, they will crackle and rattle when touched, helping your baby’s stimulation!


Yummy+ Dinnerware

Make dinnertime more fun with the beautiful award winning yummy+ collection featuring a tiny cup, small bowl, little plate and a fork set. All products are made from melamine and are designed with an anti slip/easy grip silicone, helping your baby master the art of eating by themselves and improve their dexterity plus the anti-slip dinnerware will ensure that your little ones aren't able to create a mess and add to your chores!



Cuddley Toys

Incredibly soft, fluffy and cuddle friendly teddies come in 2 sizes and are not only one on our favourites but also a favourite amongst our lovely customers as a few in the range are already sold out- but don't worry they are available on pre-order!



Educational Toys

We love these adorable puzzles that not only are they beautifully crafted but also will provide your child with hours of fun whilst learning and improving their dexterity. GREAT BARGAIN UNDER £15!! 






You can shop the rest of the beautiful collection here!  






We hope you enjoy the collection as much as we do!


Love Aak & Sharon
April 18, 2017 by Aakrati Gautam

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