Health and Wellness: Dental Advice and Oral Health Tips during Pregnancy

Health and Wellness: Dental Advice and Oral Health Tips during Pregnancy

As part of our health and wellness series we continue with a topic that mum's to be complain about often!

Don't think I've mentioned this yet.. but by trade I (Aak) am a dentist and on a daily basis I see patients- mum's to be complain about their gum health deteriorating.


Did you know around 90% of pregnant women suffer from gum problems yet unlike morning sickness and tiredness these problems aren't discussed and many don't realise the implications of this. 


Here's my round up of advice on your dental health and little things you can do to ensure this doesn't deteriorate and how to better look after your oral health!



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Love Aak and Sharon



May 21, 2017 by Aakrati Gautam
Health and Wellness: Reduce Stress with Colouring.. Child's Play?

Health and Wellness: Reduce Stress with Colouring.. Child's Play?

Whenever you think of colouring you imagine a child’s activity, however if you enter any bookstore you will definitely see a section labelled as ‘Adult Colouring.’
Chances are you have heard that 2016 is the year of adult colouring book.
Nielsen Bookscan estimates that some of 12 million colouring books were sold in 2015, a dramatic jump from the 1 million sold the previous year.*
In a world where Smart phones and Games consoles dominate people’s lives it is fascinating to see that something as basic as colouring as grown to become so popular.  
Experts believe this craze started with an Artist named Johanna Bashford, the artist behind 2013’s phenomenon ‘Secret Garden: An Ink Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book' and the following ‘ Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Colouring Book.’
So what exactly motivates adults to colour? Is it to relax? Is it nostalgia ? or is it about completing a task with zero pressure? 

According to clinical psychologist Ben Michaelis, colouring is a stress free activity that allows your mind to get the rest it needs.

Adults have even started used colouring as a chance to be more social. Colouring parties have become more popular in which adults gather to sip wine and socialise whilst colouring.


Here are a list of some of the benefits that have been recognised by experts:

                                             1- Colouring helps reduce stress and anxiety

                                 2- Colou​ring before bed has been known to help people sleep

 3- Colouring helps give you the break from technology 

                                             4- Colouring lets you reminisce about your childhood

5- Colouring helps to train your brain to focus.

Colouring for adults might just be a passing phase but there seems to be more benefits than harm so why not indulge in it?
Being a parent might mean that you don’t have the time, so next time your child asks to colour, then WHY NOT UNPLUG join them or perhaps during your downtime join in and COLOUR
Free Printable Colouring Pages: 
*data provider for the book publishing industry
May 12, 2017 by Aakrati Gautam
Home & Me: Welcomes Done By Deer!

Home & Me: Welcomes Done By Deer!


We are SUPER excited to welcome the beautiful brand Done by Deer.


‘’ Done by Deer is for families who believe life with kids and life with great design is a perfect match’’


We have been in talks with Done by Deer since November 2016 and after months of waiting we can finally share this stunning brand with you!

All the products have been designed by Helene Hjorth who specialises in designing and developing toys/interiors for children. Her philosophy is something close to our heart where she combines innovative design, safety, and a daring use of contemporary colours.


Favourite Products

Play Gym

The award winning activity gym that not only looks perfect in a home but is a free standing and adjusting activity gym  that can be placed anywhere in the home e.g. on the floor, sofa and bed.  What makes this product so perfect is the 3 beautiful toys attached, they will crackle and rattle when touched, helping your baby’s stimulation!


Yummy+ Dinnerware

Make dinnertime more fun with the beautiful award winning yummy+ collection featuring a tiny cup, small bowl, little plate and a fork set. All products are made from melamine and are designed with an anti slip/easy grip silicone, helping your baby master the art of eating by themselves and improve their dexterity plus the anti-slip dinnerware will ensure that your little ones aren't able to create a mess and add to your chores!



Cuddley Toys

Incredibly soft, fluffy and cuddle friendly teddies come in 2 sizes and are not only one on our favourites but also a favourite amongst our lovely customers as a few in the range are already sold out- but don't worry they are available on pre-order!



Educational Toys

We love these adorable puzzles that not only are they beautifully crafted but also will provide your child with hours of fun whilst learning and improving their dexterity. GREAT BARGAIN UNDER £15!! 






You can shop the rest of the beautiful collection here!  






We hope you enjoy the collection as much as we do!


Love Aak & Sharon
April 18, 2017 by Aakrati Gautam
Home & Me: Mighetto Madness

Home & Me: Mighetto Madness

Back in 2016 when we were looking to launch our website, we knew we wanted to add some beautiful artwork to showcase in beautiful nurseries. After weeks of research we came across the ever so magical Mrs Mighetto collection!


We loved everything about this Swedish brand, the stunning collection, the colours and most importantly the stories behind each painting.


6 months later and we have been lucky to add two of the most amazing collections we have seen. The enchanting ‘Circus Mighetto’ collection will always be our favourite as it was the first we ever launched. Our first order of the ‘The End of Forrest’ collection with its beautiful and enchanting colours sold out within 24 hours of when we launched on our website.




Mrs Mighetto has played such a huge part in our story we decided to share some history and background the two beautiful sisters Malin and Anna.  They have taken the time out of their busy schedule to answer a few questions for us...



When did you launch your first collection?

‘’The first collection (launched Oct 2014) with print 50x70 and 30x40 named ‘Superheroes’ were sold out in less than two weeks.  We are carefully selective and prioritize quality before quantity. Our poster collections are limited editions and when they are sold out we do no re-print’’



How far back does your does your interest in painting/art go?

‘’Malin started to paint early. Really really early, like when she started to walk and talk she were already drawing.  She have always wanted to work as an illustrator (and always did) and have a lot of art educations. I (Anna)am more into graphic design and I have worked for many design companies within marketing and PR team’’



Where do get your inspiration for your collections how do you decide on the theme/stories?

’We get influences from all over, travels, books, films, magazines. We discuss themes and talk a lot on how to sum up the collection around a story. We build them around the story and the tricky part is to decide on the key characters so we don’t end up having large collections with too many paini’’



How did you decide on painting for nursery/children's room? is it from personal life or your interest in that niche?

‘’First of all, we think the kids room is the most fun of all rooms. It can be magical and there are no rules. We have always loved children stories, as in books and in films so creating something in this area or not were never a question. ‘’



What has been your favourite collection to date?

‘’We love all our "children" .... but I would say that Circus Collection has been on the table since day one. So when it finally came out we were so happy, and we still love all the characters a lot. I think that collection had a very wide spread and appealed to both babies and older children.’’





You can shop the collection by following the link below..and keep an eye out, I’m sure at the end of the year we will be adding another amazing collection from these two wonderful sisters.

April 02, 2017 by Aakrati Gautam
Health and Wellness: Homemade Honey Face Mask

Health and Wellness: Homemade Honey Face Mask

It's essential we take time for ourselves and as we all call it #metime 

In this new series we will provide you mamas and papas some cheap and cheerful home tips to find time to enjoy a little #metime and pamper yourself! 
Starting off with this easy peasy honey mask for a mini home facial! 

Thank god for the bees and their yummy goodness!





Honey has been used for centuries for its healing properties but more recently it's become more evident that honey carries many other great properties including it's benefits to your skin.



Why A Honey Face Mask Is Good For Your Skin

Honey is acts a toner for your skin and is naturally soothing. It contains antioxidants and nutrients that get absorbed into your skin which can help in keeping your skin looking younger and feeling fresher!



4 Skin Conditions Honey Face Masks Help With


  1. Dry Skin: Honey is super moisturising. If you use this mask 2-3 times per week, it should significantly reduce dryness and the combination with avocado it can really address this problem particularly during these cold winter months.
  2.  Acne- The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of honey naturally help fight acne. This face mask helps get rid of breakouts and prevent future ones. It is also very gentle and will help reduce redness.
  3. Scars: Continuing from the point above, one of the after effects of acne are the scars you are left with and I know this a little too well! This mask can also help to reduce the appearance of dark spots and even out your skin tone. 
  4. Wrinkles- The moisturising properties of honey ensure your skin remains hydrated and this can help to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and prevent future wrinkles. 






Love Aak and Sharon 

February 21, 2017 by Aakrati Gautam
Home & Me: Thank You Snazzy Mom!

Home & Me: Thank You Snazzy Mom!

Blogger Reviews

Its been such an exciting time at Home & Me, it has already been 10 weeks since we have launched and we are so grateful and blessed to receive such a warm and positive response from everyone! We literally do a little dance every time we receive an order! 


A few days ago we received such an amazing review from the super cool Snazzy Mom (Arushi Gharg). An awesome blogger from Texas who welcomed her adorable baby boy Vir in May 2016. Arushi has supported us from day one and provided incredible advice when needed it! Her adorable son LOVES our memory game and we love receiving regular photos from Arushi! 


Here is a preview of the brilliant review that Arushi has wrote about our cute little boutique! Thank you for all the kind words Arushi!


''Most parents will agree that providing their children with a wonderful living space in which they can thrive, learn and play is of paramount importance. I’ve compiled a list of some seriously unique and chic modern décor items for boys and girls that are sourced from the top brands across the world and brought to you by an online boutique store owned by best friends Aakrati and Sharon. Their tag line – “Life’s Little Luxuries” emphasizes that beautiful décor shouldn’t be exclusive to adults.''


To continue reading, please check out the rest of blog at:

and don't forget to show her some love on instagram too @the_snazzy_mom


February 12, 2017 by Aakrati Gautam
Cooking: Lazy Sunday Bruch Mushroom on Toast Recipe

Cooking: Lazy Sunday Bruch Mushroom on Toast Recipe



I wanted to make something a little different from our normal boring routine breakfast, without having to go out and spend money especially in December when everyone is a little strapped for cash. 


I took my niece to portobello market early Saturday morning and I bought some fresh and simple ingredients (although all of these are readily available at all supermarkets) and I've outlined below the simple method to make yourself this delicious brunch. 




Serve this and eat while it's hot! If you're feeling extra hungry you can add a poached or fried egg on top of the mushrooms. 



I would love to see your pictures and let me know how your dish turns out!





January 29, 2017 by Aakrati Gautam
Health and Wellness: Scrap New Year's Resolutions and Live Your Life!

Health and Wellness: Scrap New Year's Resolutions and Live Your Life!

Its the time of year again (and no not Xmas), we start to reflect on the current year and realise once again we didn’t keep any of our resolutions. But we convince ourselves that come January 1st we will set new ones and stick to them (we know this won’t happen). 
My resolutions for 2016 had been to swim every week and read more books! The swimming phase lasted 6 weeks and I read 3 books on my new kindle (obviously I had to purchase a kindle as I was going to be a die hard book geek!)
So instead of convincing yourself that 2017 is going to be year you become super fit, decide that you will eat 5 a day, or try to be the perfect parent, we give our tips on realistic resolutions that will benefit your everyday life.

Resolution 1: Its OK to say NO

We meet a lot of ‘super mums’ who can do everything and have the ‘i can do it’ attitude! (Think of Bree Vanderkamp from Desperate Housewives). Instead of trying to compete and drown yourself in task and chores, we recommend the ‘I can’t’ attitude. Its OK to say No and not feel guilty about it. You are allowed to decline the invitation to organise school events or attend every PTA event. Just remember that happy parents live life at their own pace!

Resolution 2: Wake up 30 minutes early

If like us you love sleep then you understand how painful the idea is of getting up 30 minutes before you need to. However these 30 minutes will allow you to meet your own needs before you have to cater for the whole family and then work colleagues. Instead of rushing around every morning, why not wake up earlier and enjoy your coffee in peace or take a shower. Yes you might lose those 30 minutes of sleep but being more organised in the morning helps your day become a lot easier.

Resolution 3: Have a schedule and become a planner!

The older you get, bigger your family grows and the busier your life gets. If you find you double book all the time or never have time to call your mum or always forget to RSVP to children’s parties then it is time to invest in a calendar/planner. Just like when you are at work you have to schedule in meetings and deadlines, the same approach needs to be incorporated in your day to day life. For example, if you find your favourite TV show airs on Monday then make sure you schedule gym time on Tuesday or if your child has ballet on Wednesday then schedule the play date for Friday. A calendar will allow you to evaluate if you can commit to an event and  saves the headache of rearranging plans that have been double booked.

Resolution 4: Schedule in time with your Spouse and Friends.




Lets not forget that before kids came along, a lot of our time was devoted to spending time with your partner and Friends. Its important to not let these relationships slide. It is easy to lose yourself in day to day activities with your children and forget about the life your children. Whether its date night with your partner or night out with your friends, or even a stress free evening dinner, make sure you schedule regular dates in your calendar.


Resolution 5: Don’t be so hard on yourself

Being a parent is hard and its even harder when you compare yourself to all super parents who look as if they have it all figured out. There is no manual or training to become a parent and there is no test or exam that determines if you are a good parent. So let all of it go and stop being hard on yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back and remember you are doing the best you can!

Happy New Year!!

Love Aak and Sharon 
January 07, 2017 by Aakrati Gautam
Home & Me: Loves That's Mine!

Home & Me: Loves That's Mine!


We welcome the beautiful Danish brand ‘That’s Mine’ at Home& Me!!

All the pretty accessories are designed by the owner Mette Neerup Mariager.  She first started designing her hooks back when she had her daughter Alba in 2013. Struggling to find the Nordic inspired decor in the market, she decided to design her own wall hooks and shelves.
The inspiration for her brand name is superrr cute, at the time of designing her own hooks, her daughter was 2 years old and her favourite phrase was ‘That’s Mine!’

Our favourite products!

Cinderella Carriage Shelf

The beautiful Cinderella carriage shelf (available in pink and white) not only looks pretty in a nursery but transports you to the world of fairytales!

 The Cutest Elephant Shelf!
We are in love with the white elephant shelf; it is perfect for a boy’s room and girl’s room! The simple and contemporary design means it will go easily with other accessories in your babies’ nursery.
Hooks! Hooks! Hooks!
It is soooo difficult to choose from all the beautiful and unique hooks, we love them all! From the girly shooting star and unicorn to the bear and elephant hooks, Mette has created a variety suitable for a variety of themes.
Pictures don’t do these products justice, in real life you get to admire all the detail that has gone into producing these lovely products. Each item is handmade and carefully examined to ensure its safe for curious children.  Each product is also painted with EU eco-label paint which is robust and is cleaning friendly.
We love all the effort and detail Mette has gone into from pretty designs and beautiful packaging!
You can shop the complete collection by clicking on the link.  
Happy Shopping!

Love Aak & Sharon


December 01, 2016 by Aakrati Gautam